CrossFit Training – Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

CrossFit Caesar is located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.  Our coaches, programs and support staff are all designed for you to have the best possible fitness journey as possible.  This means making sure you are become part of our great community and achieve not just your fitness goals but also superior levels of fitness in a safe and friendly way!


CrossFit Caesar was started by Joseph Coyne, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Sports Nutritionist and owner of Coyne Sports Injury & Performance Clinic.  Joseph is currently the Performance Coach for the Chinese Athletics Association and has been the Performance Manager for EXOS & the Chinese Olympic Committee National Sports Training Centre in Beijing, China. CrossFit Caesar is a part of Coyne Sports Injury & Performance Clinic which through Joseph has been featured in a number of mainstream and CrossFit publications.




Our Coaches

CrossFit Caesar’s staff are all accredited exercise physiologists or strength & conditioning coaches and have a high level of expertise and qualifications. All of our strength coaches and exercises physiologists have undergraduate degrees in Exercise Science. Their knowledge of rehabilitation, correct lifting technique, and monitoring training loads makes it much safer for people to do CrossFit at CrossFit Caesar.

Our Programs

Our programs also cater for a much wider variety of CrossFitter with up to 3 programmed options each day. The program options are called Lean Body (for beginners and people wanting to concentrate on fat loss), Intermediate (Centurion), and Advanced/Competitor (Praetorian).  These programs are based on your ability levels and goals.  These different CrossFit programs also makes sure you enjoy yourself without feeling threatened and means you will progress much faster.

Our Support Staff

Our support staff include a chiropractic doctor and naturopath that all work in CrossFit Caesar.  As part of your membership, you will get a complimentary assessment with our chiropractor and naturopath.  This also means if you ever have any injuries or health issues, you will have access to these services at our convent location.

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